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Financial Times (1988 - ) Over 700 articles on food, drink, restaurants, travel, book reviews, surveys, history. His FT articles have been syndicated to newspapers all over the world. For MacDonogh’s articles, go to the archive at

He has also written articles on history, obituaries and general features, for the Times; articles on literature, gastronomy and book reviews for the Guardian; obituaries for the Daily Telegraph; articles on London and wine for the Evening Standard; articles on France and wine for Yorkshire Post; on food for the Daily Express; and on wine for Today.


He has contributed original articles on travel and history to FT Deutschland.

Bulgaria His writings have appeared in Standart and 24 Chassa.



MacDonogh has been a regular wine columnist for the following British journals: Punch, Classic FM, Taste, Med Life, Decanter, Wine, Wine & Spirit, Le Magazine, The World of Fine Wine and has also written on cultural and historical matters for (among many others) the New Statesman, the Spectator, the Literary Review, the Listener, the Times Literary Supplement, BBC History and Standpoint.

In America he has written for: Sky, Cigar Aficionado, Williams Sonoma Taste, Saveur, Wegmann’s Menu, Gastronomica and Wall Street Journal. For Sky (Delta Airlines) He wrote about the arts scene in London, for the others about food and wine.

He has worked for Gourmet Traveller Wine in Australia.

In Europe MacDonogh has made contributions to wine magazines in Germany, Austria, Italy and France. He writes an occasional column for Wein & Co in Austria and once had a column on London restaurants in the Moscow-based publication, Restaurant and is a regular contributer to Slowfood's Italian language publication, Slowfood.

He also contributes to learned journals such as The Court Historian, Totalitarian Movements and Political Religions, PPC and Merkur (Germany) and Ricerche di storia politica (Italy).


New Statesman Small but perfectly prosperous 19 April 1999
Spectator Don't let's be beastly to the Germans 4 September 1999
BBC History Old Fox who brought Germany in from the cold October 2000
Financial Times Few Survivors of another, grander age 26 Jan 2002
Financial Times Varied and versatile - the Grenache grape 8 June 2002
Financial Times Dash of the Teutons 7 Dec 2002
Financial Times A ravishing little dish à la Bordelaise 18 Jan 2003
Med Life On the grapevine Autumn 2003
Financial Times Do mention the war 1 November 2003

Financial Times

Family conquerors of the glass market 3 Dec 2003
Humboldt University Ideology and Food in the Third Reich and the DDR 30 July 2005


Essays and Contributions: A Selection

Lettre secrète d’un Sloane Ranger, in Thierrry Mantoux, BCBG: Le Guide bon chic bon genre (Hermé, Paris)


Two Gastronomes, One After the Other (Grimod de La Reynière and Thomas Love Peacock), in Tom Jaine ed. World Gastronomy Annual of the International Wine & Food Society

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Introduction to Classic Malts of Scotland: An Appreciation (Binfield) 1994
Introduction to Hartwig Hamer, The Near and the Far: Pictures of North Germany (Schwerin) 1996

Old Wealth is Always With Us (the survival of the Indian nobility), New Statesman

Wine, Politics and Economics, in Stephen Brook ed. A Century of Wine (Mitchell Beazley, London) 2000
From Prussia with Love, Theodor Fontane’s Effi Briest, The Guardian
Fowl Play - on the Origins and Culinary Development of our Taste for Festive Turkey and Goose, The Guardian
Parlour games - Philip de László, The Guardian

The Reichsmarschall’s Table, BBC Radio 4

‘A Most Unfortunate Case’: Spies and Clerics in Nazi Vienna, in Matthew Reisz ed. Jewish Quarterly Summer 2004
How Much Has the Legacy of Nazism and Communism Altered the Perception of Food in Germany? Was Their Contribution Entirely Negative? Seminar at the Humboldt Univeristy Berlin. Lecture delivered as Zigeunerrostbraten and the Stolper Junge and printed here: zig.htm 30/07/2005
A Bittersweet Affair, in Neil Beckett ed. The World of Fine Wine, 5 2005
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Hitler’s Prussian Hero, BBC History May 2006
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‘Nothing too Colossal, nothing too expensive’: William II and Berlin, in The Court Historian: Courts and Capitals, 1815-1914, ed. Philip Mansel, London 2008

The Man who Flew too High (Jörg Haider), in Daniel Johnson ed. Standpoint.

December 2008
Frederick the Great, in Andrew Roberts ed. The Art of War: Great Commanders of the Modern World (Quercus, London) 2009
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The Education of a Gastronome: Brillat-Savarin, the Nouvelle Cuisine, Enlightenment and Revolution (text of lecture delivered at the Maison française, Oxford in 2009, also printed in PPC88
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The King of Carlyle (Frederick the Great), History Today
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Meister der Staatskunst: Bismarck, in Karl Heinz Bohrer and Kurt Scheel eds. Merkur, Heft 12 2011

Document, BBC Radio 4


Frederick the Great’s Erotic Poem, History Today


I fantastici Quattro (Wachau), in Carlo Petrini and Roberto Burdese eds. Slowfood

March 2012

In Search of Vienna’s Vanished Jewish Elite, Daniel Johnson ed. Standpoint.

March 2012




Jonathan Steinberg – Bismarck, A Life; Peter Watson - The German Genius, BBC History,


Anna Funder - Stasiland, The Guardian

Ian Kershaw – The End, Wall Street Journal
Jill Stephenson – Hitler’s Home Front - Totalitarian Movements and Political Religions